Tel: +237 673 897 098 / 243 225 615
URL: www.ipboutique.org
Email: info@ipboutique.org
2nd Floor, Imm. Mont Manenguba
Opposite Hotel Vallee Nlongkak
P.O.Box.: 11545 Yaoundé
Centre - Region
Well furnished with a team of highly skilled and trained IP Practitioners, Attorneys at Law, Notary Publics, Traders and Professional Representatives…. Our practice is broad-ranging, from all aspects of Patents, Trademarks, Trade names, Copyrights law, and Litigation, to advice on Entertainment law, Domain names, and Security aspects in Intellectual Property, Trading, and Franchising.
What is peculiar about us is our Marketing department which actually commercializes the Patent titles, Trade names, Copyrights and Trademarks of our clients on essentially sophisticated virtual platforms, local and international markets, at the client’s request with the use of a Power of Attorney.
With offices situated a few blocks from the OAPI head quarters in Yaoundé, we do make it our prime business to be over the roof top punctual with assignments entrusted into our hands by our clients, being conscious of the fact that time and space are the most imperative aspects in Intellectual property protections.
Working languages at the IP Boutique are English and French, but we do accept inquiries and assignments in the Chinese, Espagnol and German (Dutch) languages. Our experts are versed with the English Common Law and the French Civil Law System because Cameroon is a bi-jural country.
We are keen on delivery and consistency; therefore, our offices are opened from Mondays – Saturdays, 7: 30 am – 6: 00 pm. Although we respect National Public holidays in Cameroon, our hotline and online chat are always available to provide you with instant responses to your requests and inquiries.
The IP Boutique is built on a personalized service and close attorney-client relationship, and our dedication to client service has secured us a reasonable number of clients in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, United States of America, United Kingdom, Austria, Russia, UAE, India, Thailand, and many other countries.