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2nd Floor, Imm. Mont Manenguba
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Centre - Region
At the IP Boutique, we do offer a platform to foreign companies wanting to open their doors in Cameroon and Nigeria; making it possible for them to find local representatives in the marketing, banking, engineering, telecommunications, educational, pharmaceutical, entertainment, tourism and agricultural sectors who are readily available to cut franchise deals under our diligence and expertise.
The IP Boutique has partners in Nigeria, the United States of America and Asia linking holders of Intellectual Property in those areas to our local business users.
Our franchise practice covers:
  • Franchise contracts
  • Financial arrangements
  • Franchise livery(Copyrights and passing off)
  • Character merchandising
  • Misrepresentation Identification
  • Pyramid sales, prize promotions and other unfair tactics
  • Tax issues involved
  • International Franchise norms
  • Cameroonian and Nigerian laws on Franchise
We do accept inquiries in the above mentioned cases.