Tel: +237 673 897 098 / 243 225 615
URL: www.ipboutique.org
Email: info@ipboutique.org
2nd Floor, Imm. Mont Manenguba
Opposite Hotel Vallee Nlongkak
P.O.Box.: 11545 Yaoundé
Centre - Region
The IP Boutique files applications with OAPI on behalf of inventors, researchers and scientists; bothlocal and international who wish to obtain a Patent title on their discoveries, solutions, procedures, so long as they respond to the well laid down eligibility clauses also known as patentability checks.
Filing Requirements:
Patents of Invention:
  • Form B 101
  • Power of Attorney (in English or French)
  • Detailed description of invention
  • Full addresses of the inventors and of the applicants
  • Specification, claims and abstract in English/ French
  • Drawings
  • Priority document and certified copies in English/ French Translations
  • Proof of payments into an OAPI Bank account
Patents PCT:
  • Power of Attorney and Declaration (in English/ French)
  • Detailed description of invention
  • Specification, claims and abstract in English/French
  • Copy of published international application and search report
  • Copy of claim amendments
The term of a patent is twenty years from the filing date.
Every year